Hi there! I’m Janell, and I’m the mama behind the blog. We are a vegan family with three plant-based & compassionate little ones all under five (two vegan from birth) and two sweet fur babies. We travel a little bit, and we move a lot. But wherever we go, we bring along our ethical lifestyle.

This is where I share a glimpse into our lives; all about our vegan lifestyle, natural & attachment parenting, babywearing, cruelty-free fashion (no leather, fur, or feathers!), eco-friendly living, our favorite products, plant-based meal ideas, recipes, skincare and beauty favorites for vegan ladies, and of course snapshots of our little ones. I hope to share with you about how veganism is the best for our health (and our children’s health!), the environment and our animal pals. Join us on our journey raising vegan kids in a non-vegan world.




Animals are sentient beings- capable of love & happiness, sadness and grief. They are intelligent and loving. Mothers love their babies, and babies love their mothers. Why would we take the life of another?

The Earth is our home and our haven, we are intertwined in infinite ways… living a vegan lifestyle is the most peaceful way of living, and the most compassionate to Earth.