Intelligent Lids Review


When you are trying to live an eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly, and plant based lifestyle, this is an awesome brand you will fall in love with! We avoid single-use plastics and try to always bring our own reusable stainless steel and glass products with us- my favorite, the classic mason jar. Intelligent Lids has created a line of easy to use, one piece drinking and storage lids, as well as jar sleeves to cover your glass!


Why Intelligent Lids? Β They are made in the USA, BPA & Phthalate-free, and made from recyclable material!

Intelligent Lids kindly sent me some of their products to review for you! I have been trying out the storage lids, as well as the regular mouth drink lids (they come in wide mouth as well!) and they oh so lovely jar sleeves for over a month now!


The drink lids areΒ spill resistant (but not watertight, so don’t be shaking it all around!) and are usable with a straw or as-is. I give a straw to my little ones, and I drink out of them without one. I LOVE that they can be used either way, many I have tried must be used one way.

They can also be used with hot or cold beverages, so your ice water and hot tea are both covered! Be sure to use the jar sleeve to keep your hands cozy and protect them from a hot or cold jar! Jar sleeves come in pint and quart sizes- I use pint sized jars for my littles, and this also helps them to more slip-resistant!



The storage lids are perfect for keeping just about anything in (but please do not try canning with these!). They come in a variety of lovely colors, including classic black and white. No more metal lids rusting and sliding around in drawers everywhere! They keep a great seal, and I have had no issues with leaks whatsoever! I HAVE had leaks with the cheap little white storage lids you find in canning aisles.

My little ones get excited to pick out their lid and sleeves when smoothie time comes! Needless to say, we LOVE Intelligent Lids!


Which colors are your favorites? Let me know what you think about Intelligent Lids in the comments!



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