JORD Wood Watches Review


Although I am not am avid wearer of watches, I was (not surprisingly!) in love with these beautiful eco-friendly and sustainable vegan wood watches from Jord! Jord watches are made from sustainably sourced and cultivated lumber, which means they are from non-threatened and endangered species. They pair stainless steel and wood together for leather free bands. Each timepiece comes on it’s own fluffy pillow in a beautifully carved box. The box itself is a perfect introduction to the quality of the watch you’re going to find inside! Jord watches range from $139 to $395 to easily fit any budget.

Jord kindly offered me a stunning handcrafted watch to gift to my husband in exchange for my honest review. I chose the Conway style watch, made from an earthy Walnut with a Jet Black inner- incredibly sleek and stylish. The grain in Walnut is typically straight with moderately nature luster, and the color ranges from light pale brown to dark chocolate brown with deeply hued streaks. The Conway retails for $229 and you can check it out here.


To say these watches are gorgeous is an understatement. They are luxurious and sleek, and the tones of the wood are just beautiful! Different watches use different types and shades of wood, from very light to deep brown and everything in between, so there is a perfect fit for everyone’s style! Not to mention the vibrant colors in the women’s range– rose, turquoise, mint, and plum combined with Zebrawood, Koa, Sandalwood, and Purpleheart! And the shades of green in the men’s line are beautiful!


Leave and comment and let me know what you think about these sustainable wood watches! 



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