Big Sister Bags!


With our third baby on the way (less than a week! Eep!) I thought I would put together a post on what we are putting in our daughters’ “big sister bags” for when we bring baby boy home from the hospital! This is our second time doing a big sister bag, we did one for Hadley, our three year old, when we brought Harlow home from the hospital. Needless to say, she loved getting a gift of her own, and was very excited when she got her bag! I think it is important to include the older siblings as much as possible when bringing home another baby. New babies tend to get plenty of gifts from family and friends, so we do these bags to remind our girls that this is a special time for the entire family, and that they are still very important to us and VERY loved! Not to mention, it keeps them busy for awhile while everyone is getting accustomed to a new little one!

We switched up a few of the gifts in the bags to make them more age-friendly and personal for each girl, and Hadley ended up with a few extras, but I’m sure Harlow won’t mind. 😉 For the bags themselves, we got these adorable animal backpacks from Skip Hop, they are the perfect size for tiny little ones! (Skip Hop zoo pack)

Hadley’s big sister bag (3 years old)

Hadley’s bag:



Harlow’s big sister bag (17 months old)

Harlow’s bag:

  • bubbles
  • baby doll
  • drawing pad (we already have some jumbo Melissa and Doug crayons for Harlow!)
  • shapes puzzle
  • I Am a Big Sister” book
  • bath toys
  • Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks
  • apple and pear fruit crisps




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